Oil massage

This is a wonderfully relaxing massage with oil that softens Your muscles.

This deep massage lessens muscle tension, increases blood flow and helps with things like delayed onset muscle soreness.

It counteracts tiredness, sore shoulders, back and neck.

You feel more calm and at comfort.

Herbal massage

Ancient technique used in Thai massage, where a warm satchet is used for patients with sore muscles or sprains that cannot be treated by pressure.

It combines different herbs with therapeutic properties to reduce muscle pain and stimulate blood flow.

The treatment feels very nice and comfortable.

Thai massage

This treatment encompasses the whole body and is a form of holistic therapy which increases blood circulation and gives good pain relief.

It is a really enjoyable treatment which is suitable for all persons with stiff joints or stress-related symptoms.


A treatment for legs and feet.

The purpose is to increas blood flow in this part of the body




Thai massage 60 min 500 SEK

Oil massage 60min 600 SEK

Footmassage 60 min 500 SEK

Herbal massage 90 min 1200 SEK

Head and shoulders 30 min 300 SEK